(281) 623-1976

(281) 623-1976

Monthly Adult Wheel Classes

Classes Meet Weekly

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Monthly Adult Wheel Classes

  • Based on your skill level and your own personal schedule, you will be placed in a specific class that meets at the same day and time every week.

  • Classes are Month-to-Month, this is not a Pay-As-You-Go Studio

  • Each class is 2½ hours long, including instruction, glazing, and firing.

  • Minimum age is 18. Limit 10.

  • Beginners as well as experienced potters are welcome.

  • No refunds! We hold your spot All Month.

  • Also, you get 12 hours of studio (practice) time every month. These hours do not roll over month to month. You can use your practice time, outside of other class times.

  • Makeup classes can not be during your regularly scheduled class time, thereby extending your class for more than the month.

  • All skill levels included in most classes.

Before you get here:

  • Long hair should be put up or back

  • No jewelry on fingers or wrists

  • Long Fingernails are not a Potters' Friend

  • No long necklaces

  • Wear clothes, including shoes, that can get dirty

We are a little hard to find at 741 A Dulles Ave., Stafford, Texas, 77477, TX 77005. It is best to turn on our side street, Ludwig. Immediately after the ShopNGo you will see our metal bldg inside a black gate. Turn in & park anywhere. Our name, Potters' Place, is above our door.

Cost: $170.00

This includes instruction, paint/glazing, firing, and 12 hours of extra studio time each month. Schedule with our Online Assistant after you pay, or chat with us now to ensure you get a spot in this or next month's classes. You will need to purchase Clay & the Tool Set if you are a 1st time student. We are open 7 Days a Week.

Make-up Classes:

If you miss a class or classes, you may schedule a makeup. You may not do a makeup in your class time slot, thereby extending your 4 weeks to 5 or 6 weeks. For example, if you have a Friday AM Class Slot and you need a makeup class, we will find you a spot in a Monday AM Class or a Sunday PM Class, etc.

You need to do your makeup during the month you were absent, and we do everything possible to work with your schedule. Also, you can book a makeup class before your planned absence ... we all go on vacation - right?

Text Us @ (281) 623-1976 - FOR ANY CLASS or BILLING ?s

If you are going to be absent or need to schedule a makeup class. Please notify us by text or call and leave a message in advance so someone can use your wheel to do their makeup class.

Even if you do not attend one or more classes, your wheel is yours as long as it has been paid for and that is why many students are setup with autopay. If you are absent for more than a week, we can not hold your spot without paying for it, because we have a long waiting list of people interested in pottery classes. If you decide not to take it or pay for it, then you lose your spot and might have to go back on the waiting list or have to change to a different class where there is an opening.

$170 covers 4 classes per month, and the makeup class can not be during your regularly scheduled class time, thereby extending your class for more than the month. You are responsible for contacting us at (281) 623-1976 to ask which class(es) have available spots for you to schedule your makeup class.

Your InfoThe $170 is for a whole month (4 classes) and includes 12 hours of extra studio time each month. First time students also need to purchase Clay and a Tool Kit!
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BMix Clay, Needed for First Time Students

Needed for First Time Students... Returning Students, Please Purchase if Needed ... Otherwise UnCheck

Tool Kit, Needed for First Time Students

Returning & Renewing Students, Please UnCheck Unless You Need More Tool Kits

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"This is the best pottery studio with a wonderful teacher, owner, and artist! The students are very friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend Potters' Place Pottery for the beginner, intermediate, and experienced potter."

Kari Sutton | Houston

(281) 623-1976

(281) 623-1976